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1st place

Go Drumming

The winning team Queen Julien and the Penguins of Hackathon with their GoDrumming project - fun and cool app that turns your mobile phone into drumsticks, and allows you to discover your hidden musical talents.
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by Queen Julien and the Penguins

2nd place

Fridge Brother

Their project is a quick solution to have an updated list of the products in your fridge. Take pictures of the food in the refrigerator, the phone would detect and update your list.
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by Poets of the Code

captured team 2
3rd place

3D scanners

The Captured team wanted to find a more budget-friendly alternative to already available 3D scanners found on the market
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by Captured

Honorable mentions go to:

H-treath team


H-thread developed a foosball table automatic scoring solution with a dedicated Android app.
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by H-thread

dirty team

Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen created an app that recognizes a person's mood, using surveillance cameras, and based on detected emotion, it starts a certain action.
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by Dirty Dozen

Toxic M team (2)

Smart Mirror

Toxic Monkeys created a Smart Mirror that can access and display various information (like the weather forecast, or Flickr images), or it can play YouTube videos and set your alarm clock, through voice commands
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by Toxic Monkeys

Void team


V01D SC4V3NG3R5 developed a web and a mobile app for collecting data from the environment, that shows you the info in real time.
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by V01D SC4V3NG3R5