Project Description

Go Drumming project is a fun and cool app that turns your mobile phone into drumsticks and allows you to discover your hidden musical talents.

Are you passionate about Kinect games but are they too expensive for your budget? Do you like playing with drum sounds? Would you like to learn to play the drums? Want to have fun by adding drum sounds to your favourite song? These are some questions through which the team introduced their project.

Technical Description

  • Android – Java: Motion detection algorithm, QR Code Scan, Send coordinates and intensity
  • Frontend implementation: CSS, HTML
  • Server Node JS
  • Web App – Angular: Pair devices, Play sound, Get intensity and manage the volume

The application provides a web interface to which the user can connect with one or more mobile devices. The mobile devices connect to the application by scanning the QR code displayed on the web interface. After the phones are calibrating the user is presented with a 6-drum scene. The user has the possibility to choose three other scenes.

The user will have great fun hitting the drums by moving the phone. The application is a cheaper version of Kinect games such as Drums, Darts, Bowling, Golf. Also, the app can adapt to games like Whack a mole.

Future Developments

  • Score game
  • Multiplayer game
  • Playlist
  • Log in